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The three starting Pokemon are ______, _______, and _______.
At what location do you first battle Galactic Commander Saturn?
Galactic Commander Mars's highest-level Pokemon is _______.
Galactic Commander Jupiter's highest-level Pokemon is _______.
Galactic Commander Saturn's highest-level Pokemon is _______.
Roark is the son of _________.
Name one of Volkner's Pokemon.
What is Cyrus's title?
You can battle your rival on certain days, as well as have rematches with Gym Leaders, at the _______ _______.
What are the three areas of the Battle Frontier?
Who is the first member of the Elite Four?
The second member?
The third member?
The fourth member?
Who is the champion?
After first arriving at the Battle Frontier, you and your rival have a double battle with ______ and ______.
Which two HM's are needed to gain access to Victory Road?
The move Draco Meteor can be learned from a person on which route?
Who is the 5th Gym Leader in Diamond/Pearl but becomes the 3rd Gym Leader in Platinum?
Team Galactic's headquarters are located in which city?
Which legendary Pokemon can be caught at Stark Mountain?
Name the Gym Leader(s) that have the same Pokemon in all three versions.
An egg containing which Pokemon can be acquired on Iron Island?
Which Pokemon has 26 different forms?
Where is the Pokemon Daycare located?

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