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Who did these Survivor players vote for 3 or more times?

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PlayerVoted ForSeason
Kelly WiglesworthBorneo
Kelly WiglesworthBorneo
Greg BuisBorneo
Tom BuchananAfrica
Teresa CooperAfrica
Gina CrewsMarquesas
Robb ZbacnikThailand
Eliza OrlinsVanuatu
Brady FintaVanuatu
Terry DeitzPanama
Courtney YatesChina
Peih-Gee LawChina
Parvati ShallowHeroes vs. Villains
Jane BrightNicaragua
Andrea BoehlkeRedemption Island
Kristina KellRedemption Island
Ozzy LusthSouth Pacific
Christina ChaOne World
PlayerVoted ForSeason
Alicia RosaOne World
Lisa WhelchelPhilippines
John CochranCaramoan
Dawn MeehanCaramoan
Natalie AndersonSan Juan Del Sur
Jaclyn SchultzSan Juan Del Sur
Missy PayneSan Juan Del Sur
Jon MischSan Juan Del Sur
Carolyn RiveraWorlds Apart
Tyler FredricksonWorlds Apart
Jeremy CollinsCambodia
Tasha FoxCambodia
Spencer BledsoeCambodia
Kelley WentworthCambodia
Keith NaleCambodia
Brad CulpepperGame Changers
Troyzan RobertsonGame Changers
Michaela BradshawGame Changers

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