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The Ball Drop
Blue Plate Special/Pot Shots/Sands Of Time/Signal Fire
A Leg Up/Free Will
Braille Maze/Blind Maze
Race To Shore/One For All
Box Your Mind/Propellerheads/Marine Memory/R.A.M./Running The Numbers
Broken China/Offer It Up
Survivor Quiz/C.A.T/Shattered Dreams
Survivor Shuffleboard/Tocantins Shuffle/Shoot 'n' Shuffle
Log Jam
Operation Balance Build/Stacked Up
Choose Your Weapon
The Maze (Roundabout/Meso Maze/A-maz-ing Gabon/Maya Maze/Snakes and Ladders
Keep It Up
Mask Match/Coat Of Arms
Know Your Loved One
The Domino Effect/Backed Up
Paddle Out/Inside Track
Pass The Bucket
Snag, Drag & Bag/Weight and Sea/Puppet Master
House Of Cards/Teeter Tower
Fallen Comrades/Crush
Odd Shaped Bottoms
Cannonball Run/One Track Mind
Balancing Point
Letter Hunt
Strung Out/Pulled Up/Push Your Luck
Shooting Gallery
Sea Legs/Dragon Rider/Balance of Power/Set Adrift/Bermuda Triangles
Gang Hang
The Game Is Afoot
End Of The Line
Keep On Your Toes
Flashback/Living Color
A Bit Tipsy/Got A Hunch
Bone To Pick
Learn From Past Mistakes/Second Chance
Fire And Water
Block It Out
Touchy Subjects/Get Smashed Q&A/Body Slam/Jala-powed
A Numbers Game
Stomp-ede/Tromp Stomp
Pegatory Knockout/Wall to Wall/A Maze N' Jig
Cube Crisis
Pot Head
Rope-a-Dope/Around The Bend/Brains and Brawn
Survivor Scramble/Swahili Scramble/Under Current/What Do You Make Of This?
Playing Bridge
Great Escape Run/Twisted/Fun Climb/The Crystal Method/Jacob's Ladder
Flip Out/Turtle Roll/Watch Your Step/Squared Off
Drop A Log
Last Gasp/Breathing Space
Station By Station/Combo Platter
Vertically Challenged
Rock Block
Hand On A Hard Idol
Wrist Assured
Survivor Smorgasbord (Gross Food Challenge)
The Home Stretch
When It Rains, It Pours
Fire Making Challenge/Fired Up/Fast Fire (Immunity Challenge, Not Tiebreaker Challenge
Ballin' A Jack
Concentration/Memory/Brain Food
Get A Grip
Chimney Sweep
Survivor Obstacle Course
Jail Break (Duel)
Troubled Water/Floatsam & Jetsam
Survivor Folklore/Witch Hunt
Step On Up
Mud Run
Waiting To Exhale
Keel Hauling
Pole Dancing/Money Box
I Hold On/Back Splash
Rollerballs/Take The Reins
Rock Bottom
Hard To Handle/Bow Diddley
Uncomfortably Numb

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