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Special AttackName
Spirit Gun
Spirit Sword
Dragon of the Darkness Flame
Rose Whip
Spirit Wave
Life Force Thread
Exploding Boulder Bomb
Tiger Scream
Ice Dragon
Prism Storm of Torment
Heat Manipulation
Serpent Yo-Yos
Sui Ken
White Mist
Makeup of Chains/Make up of the Seal
Ice Sword
Meteor Attack
Special AttackName
Tornado Fist
Axe Blade Fist
Idunn Box
Steaming Spheres
Banshee Shriek/Chorus of a Thousand Souls
Dimensional Travel
Battle Armor/Battle Aura
Bomb Control
Bodily Manipulation/Weapon Body
Muscle Manipulation/Percentage Power
Shadow Hands
Death Print: Bull's Eye
Doctor/Scalpel Aura
Videogame Territory
Water Manipulation
Ability Absorption
Sacred Energy
Phosphorous Ring Sword
Demon Energy Absorption Wall
Space-Time Manipulation

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