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A real A to Z of the Big Bang Theory

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The name Leonard wishes he was calledA
Sheldon's practical joke catch phraseB
The wh*re of Omaha. She and Penny are 'kind of family'C
First name of Howard's motherD
Sheldon's female physicist friend who wrote science books nakedE
Cancelling this series is the reason Sheldon considers Rupert Murdoch a traitorF
Last name of Howard's crush in high school - makes up a song about herG
What bosoms in the 15th century would say instead of 'howdy'H
Sheldon's is 187 but can't be measured accurately by normal testsI
Howard's middle nameJ
Last name of the youngest person to win prestigious Stevenson AwardK
A regular at the comic book store and seen with Wil Wheaton at the Raiders of the Lost Ark flick - often seen with Captain SweatpantsL
First name of Bernadette's fatherM
Last name of the graduate student who suggested she and Sheldon share credit on a paper. No Battlestar Galactica for you.N
The color for loneliness. Nothing rhymes with it. It's probably lonelyO
Arthur Jeffries' stage name and idol of Sheldon and LeonardP
Name of Penny's Age of Conan characterQ
The document that spells out the dating interaction rules between Sheldon and AmyR
What Penny calls Sheldon's Mobile Virtual Presence Device after Cruciferous Vegetable nightS
Last name of astrophysicist Sheldon doesn't like because he had a hand in downgrading Pluto from a planetT
The Einstein theory that Sheldon will not see proved because he won't live long enough to download his consciousness into a robot bodyU
Name of the woman in 3B. Leonard says he has cereal with her in his pajamasV
First and last names of Sheldon's boyhood hero and later mortal enemyW
It's either this or the Playstation PS4. Let's flip a quarterX
Howard is no stranger to dice games. He was the Temple Beth-El Hebrew School champion for thisY
Name of Sheldon's cat. His name was to be Herman von Helmholtz so that he could be a friend to another of Sheldon's cats; Dr. Robert OppenheimerZ

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