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Can you name the facts about Hideki Tojo?

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Year of birth...:
...in this capital:
Graduated from the Japanese Military Academy this year:
Highest military rank attained:
In 1940, was appointed this position under Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe:
After negotiations with Vichy France, Japan was allowed to place troops in this colony...:
...which resulted in an embargo imposed by this nation:
Took office as the ____ Prime Minister of Japan in 1941...:
...under this Emperor:
As PM, he came from this political party:
Was responsible for the attacks on Pearl Harbor on this date:
Held ___ ministerial posts during the war:
Was forced to resign as Prime Minister in this year:
Lived in this part of Tokyo:
During his arrest, attempted this:
Recieved this while in captivity:
Was found guilty of war crimes by this court:
Year of death:
Enshrined in this Shrine:

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