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Can you name the facts about George S. Patton?

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Middle name:
Year of birth...:
...in this state:
Graduated from US Military Academy at West Point in this year:
Highest military rank attained:
Had this weapon named after him in 1913:
Took part in World War I, commanding this new form of cavalry:
Invaded this Moroccan city as part of Operation Torch:
He replaced Major Genral Fredendall as commandor of this Corps in 1943:
Was part of the invasion of Sicily, in this operation...:
...where he commanded this United States Army:
As part of the deceptive Operation Fortitude, he was reported to be in this British town, ready to invade Pas de Calais:
After the Normandy landings, Patton took charge of the _____ Army, becoming operational August 1st, 1944:
In the Battle of the Bulge, his forces opened a corridor for the Allied forces trapped in this Belgian town:
On March 22nd, crossed this river into Germany:
Reassigned to this United States Army in late 1945:
Year of death:
Cause of death:
His memoirs, published posthumously:

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