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Middle names:
Year of birth...:
...in this town:
Graduated from Officer Cadet School in this then German town:
Highest military rank attained:
He was given command of this division in 1940...:
...which earned this nickname after the invasion of France:
The division set the record for the longest thrust in one day by tanks up to that point, covering approximately this distance:
Reassigned to the fighting in Africa, he took command of the German expeditionary force, better known as this:
Laid siege to this Libyan port, where the defenders managed to hold out for 240 days:
Pushing the Allied forces into Egypt, the Axis were stopped near this Egyptian town:
Though retreating, managed to inflict a heavy defeat to American forces at this pass in February 1942:
Axis forces in Africa surrendered in this month, 1943:
After Africa, Rommel was sent to this European country to prepare for a possible invasion:
When that invasion did not come about, he spent a short time in Italy, before being sent here:
He was tasked with the construction and defending of this fortification:
To hinder gliders and parachutes, Rommel came up with this simple design, meant to hinder airborne units landing in open fields:
After the invasion in Normandy, Rommel personally oversaw the fighting around this French city:
Year of death:

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