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Can you name the facts about Dwight D. Eisenhower?

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Middle name (at time of presidency):
Year born...:
...in this state:
In 1915, graduated from this Academy:
...alongside this later 12th Army Group Commander:
Highest military rank attained (be specific):
Was in charge of Operation Torch, the invasion of this continent:
Was in charge of the invasion of mainland Italy, codenamed:
Designated head of SHAEF, that stands for:
Was in charge of the invasion in Normandy, codenamed:
Withstood this German winter offensive:
Became the first Supreme Commander of this post-war organisation:
He later went on to become the ___ President of the United States (number):
His1952 presidential campaign slogan was 'I ____ Ike':
Political Party:
Vice President:
Oversaw the ceasefire of this early 1950s war:
Year of death:

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