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Can you provide the 4-letter words in this themed ladder?

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Romanian artist behind 2009 hit 'Hot'
Empire in ancient Peru, c. 1400-1533
Unit of length, 1/12 of a foot
Irritation of the skin; to scratch
____ A Sketch, mechanical drawing toy
Every one individually
German composer Johann Sebastian
To strike with a crushing blow
Father and son George, presidents of USA
To go bankrupt; lose at poker
Of the highest quality
The rhythm of a song
Mammal of the family Ursidae
Rounded, but elongated, fruit
A loud, prolonged ringing of bells.
'Kiss From a Rose'-singer
A place on or in which one sits
A noteworthy act or achievement
Three of these make up a yard
To feel or express worry, annoyance
At liberty; unrestrained
Branched plant of the forest

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