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QUIZ: Can you provide the four-letter words in this themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Words
Without company; solitary
Knowledge on a particular subject
A golfer's warning
Military installation
Measure of lenght
Trick; deceive
Newborn horse
Bubbles on a liquid surface
Deception or trick
Fault; defect
Traveled by airplane
Escaped; ran away
To give food to; provide nourishment
An act; something that is done
Hint4-Letter Words
Antlered animal related to the elk
One who colours fabric
A hearing in open court
A chamber in a stove for baking
Former Liverpool striker Michael
Indebted to
Metal-bearing minerals or rocks
Greek God of War
The upper limbs of a human being
Directs a firearm towards someone
Disease of the immune system
Clears; removes
To sit on and manage a horse
Hint4-Letter Words
Formal or ceremonial religious act
To quote someone
Shelter; small shed for doves etc.
The central part of an apple
Bottle stopper
One who prepares meals
The sounds doves make
Officers of the law
Highest points
Throw; pitch
Detriment; disadvantage
TV show set after an airplane crash
For fear that
A bird's home

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