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Hint5-Letter Words
Characterized by absence of light
To obstruct someone or something
Earthenware pot
A criminal; thief
To sing in a soft, soothing voice
Royal headwear
Charlie of Peanuts
What you have above your eyes
Breathes hard
Spots; stains
Hint5-Letter Words
Starts up a computer
What Zeus might throw
Throwing weapon
Relating to the North or South Pole
One who propels a boat, using a pole
To supply with electricity
Shorter than something or someone
Romeo was a star-crossed one
Organ that produces bile
A cat has nine of these
Hint5-Letter Words
Explosives you don't want to step on
Looks after; cares for
Repairs; fixes
Tears apart
Peruses a book
Ways; streets
Frog relatives
An obsequious flatterer; sycophant
Beverage, often alcoholic
Shortening of Theodore

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