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Trusting and sweet-natured, she is as kind and gentle as she is fair. Although she is a princess, she is treated like a servant, but she never complains.
She isn't born a princess, but she has all the natural graciousness and poise of one. Although gentle and soft-spoken, she has a keen sense of humor, which she wisely keeps hidden.
In the movie, her real identity is kept a secret even from herself, and she believes she is a peasant girl. Perhaps that's the reason for her natural unassuming grace.
The youngest daughter she is independant, impulsive and adventurous. She feels confined by her life and yearns to be part of the world above her.
In the movie, the intelligent and lovely princess has dreams, and they don't include living in a small village forever. As an avid reader, she yearns for adventures.
An exotic and fiery beauty, she doesn't want much, just to marry for love and to experience life outside the palace. She's bored by her rich and spoiled suitors.
Her name means little mischief and she is a playful, free-spirited, brave and adventuruous young woman. At one with nature, she knows every tree, waterfall, and wild creature.
An irresponsible tomboy, she would rather run freely out of the doors than behave like a traditional daughter. She loves her family deeply and hates to disappoint them.
She is a bright, resourceful, passionate princess who has big dreams of one day opening her very own restaurant. She comes to discover that dreams really do come true.
Artistic and spirited she makes do with her sheltered tower life by constantly keeping herself wrapped up in all kinds of crafts and activities. Encouraged by her faithful friend.
She is not your average princess. With wild hair, a strong will and adventurous spirit, she loves exploring the forest with her horse. Her mother would prefer her to act proper.

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