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Can you finish the quotes from the original (1987) Robocop

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Can you fly...Clarence
You're a scumbag! Your client's a scumbag, and scumbags...Reid
Buddy, I think you're...Murphy
Four... three... two... one... I am now...ED-209
Serve the public trust, protect...Robocop
Oooh. Guns, guns, guns. C'mon, Sal. The Tigers are playing...Clarence
You know, he's a sweet old man. And he means well...Dick Jones
Well I guess we're gonna be friends after all,Clarence
It's back! Big is back, because bigger is better than ever!Commercial Announcer
Let me make something clear to you. He doesn't have...Bob Morton
First, don't **** with me. I'm a desperate man! And second, I want some fresh coffee...Ron Miller, City Hall
See, I got this problem. Cops don't like me...Clarence
Hey hey! First they me out of jail for free, then look what I find in the prison parking lot...Joe Cox
That hurt... But life goes on, it's an old story, the fight for love and glory, huh Bob? It helps if you think of it as a game, Bob. Every game has a winner and a loser... Dick Jones
Don't mess with Jones, man.Johnson
Cobra Assault Cannon, state of the art...Clarence
Old Detroit has a cancer.The Old Man
Maddame, you have suffered an emotional shock...Robocop
I'll buy that ...Bixby Snyder
Thank you for your co-operation...Robocop

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