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QUIZ: Guess the TM/HM with the clues given

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Popular Fire-Type TM with 90 Pow. and 100 Acc.
The higher the friendship, the better the attack
HM02 in every generation
Powerful end-game physical electric-type move
Normal type special move that has 40 Pow. and gets stronger every turn
Opposite of #2
Grass type multi-attack that has 20 Pow.
Fire type move that raises your speed everytime
This attack never misses when there is hail
The TM you get for defeating Flannery of the Hoenn region
Only sawk learns this move by growing up
You need to defeat Candice to use this HM (Gen 4)
TM found in Mistralton city (Gen 5)
You can only use this Tm while your opponent is asleep
You can use this Hm after defeating Juan (Pokemon Emerald)

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