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One trivia question per episode from season 1 of Supernatural

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What was the name of the woman in white ghost in the pilot?
What food did Dean leave a trail of in Wendigo?
What phrase does Dean teach Lucas in Dead in the Water?
What phrase is used in Phantom Traveler to see if someone's a demon?
What's the name of the family who's father died in Bloody Mary?
How do you kill a shapeshifter (as seen in Skin)?
What did the Hook Man write on the wall with blood?
Was Bugs the worst episode of supernatural ever?
What city and state did Mary die in (Home)?
What does Dean say to Sam in Asylum after he pushes him at the bar?
What bus station does Sam go to in Scarecrow?
What 'supernatural being' is introduced in Faith?
What's the name of Deans old girlfriend that we see in Route 666?
What powers does Max have in Nightmare?
What do the Benders kill for fun?
What character comes back in Shadow?
What characters are introduced in Hell House?
What type of creature is killing the children in Something Wicked?
Who is Sam's love interest in Provenance?
What type of gun does John get in Dead Mans Blood?
What does Meg tell Dean at the end of Salvation?
What happens at the very end of Devil's Trap?

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