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Can you name the B-52's song based on the lyric sample given?

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AFlying saucers could land, and it wouldn't make much difference to my man.
BRolling through a field of molten flowers, burning in a field of molten flowers.
CIf you want a better batter- better beat it harder.
DHe's grinning door to door. He's got his cloven hoof on the clutch.
ELove's my thing, so good it's bad.
FThe Taco Tiki Hut is where we're all gonna meet.
GI'll give you fish. I'll give you candy. I'll give you everything I have in my hand.
HDo a white hot shimmy in a Lurex gown. Shimmy shimmy! Hot! Shimmy shimmy!
IGoin' to the store for hot dogs and wine, when all of a sudden I felt real cold.
JShe's the wildest hon in the wild kingdom. She's the hottest thing to float down.
KFollow the bliss, but remember this- it's all about the kiss.
LMy love may be as high as the highest volcano, but the altitude is way too high.
MSix or eight thousand years ago, they laid down the law.
NGive it a shove. Hey, you gotta head 'em up, move 'em out.
PCan you pull it back in line? Can you salvage it in time?
QHas anybody seen a dog dyed dark green, 'bout two inches tall, with a strawberry blonde fall?
RSnow on the mountain tops piling high in loving cups
SHere comes Brenda- Brenda Holiday.
TBlue dolphins are singing. Minds swim in ecstasy. Clear planet, ever free.
UFour miles to a breakdown. Anybody wanna leave town?
VEvery time you speak, a pearl falls in my cup. You turn away, the pearl melts before I drink it up.
WOn Planet X oooh, it won't be long now. I got a lightyear to get to the phone now. I'm gonna contact you when I get home.
5See them on the beach or in New York City. Tina, Louise, and Hazel and Mavis.
6Tina went to the ladies room, saw written on the wall: 'If you'd like a very nice time, just give this number a call.'

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