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Answer the multiple choice trivia questions about the band, The B-52's.

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The band members come from which two states? A) Massachusetts and North Carolina B) New York and Tennessee C) New Jersey and Georgia D) Pennsylvania and Texas
Which studio album was the last album in which Ricky Wilson participated in recording before his death? A) Mesopotamia B) Whammy! C) Bouncing Off the Satellites D) Cosmic Thing
Fill in the blank: 'Goin' down to ____ for a 25 cent beer.' A) Alvin's B) Allen's C) Alden's D) Alfred's
Which song off of 'Whammy!' features a character named Stella Corona? A) Legal Tender B) A Song For a Future Generation C) Queen of Las Vegas D) Trism
Which of the following songs features the vocals of all 5 original band members? A) Rock Lobster B) A Song For a Future Generation C) Strobe Light D) Party Out of Bounds
The band released a single about a female rocker inspired by which real life female rockstar? A) Joan Jett B) Debbie Harry C) Grace Slick D) Pat Benatar
What Southern city is the Love Shack located in? A) Atlanta B) Charleston C) Memphis D) New Orleans
According to 'A Song For a Future Generation', which two band members share the Pisces astrology sign? A) Fred and Kate B) Keith and Ricky C) Ricky and Cindy D) Kate and Keith
According to 'A Song For a Future Generation', what type of dog does Cindy like? A) Poodles B) Dalmatians C) Pugs D) Chihuahuas
According to 'A Song For a Future Generation' what candy does Ricky like? A) Jawbreakers B) Poprocks C) Red Hots D) Hot Tamales
In which song recording did Fred play a toy piano? A) Dance This Mess Around B) Strobe Light C) Throw That Beat In the Garbage Can D) Whammy Kiss
Fill in the blank: In 'Quiche Lorraine', Quiche (a dog) is dyed dark ____. A) Blue B) Pink C) Green D) Purple
What color is Quiche's fall (wig)? A) Strawberry Blonde B) Chestnut Brown C) Raven Black D) Fiery Red
The B-52's covered WHICH Beatles song, which was featured in a commercial? A) Eight Days a Week B) Rain C) Paperback Writer D) Tomorrow Never Knowns
Which B-52's album is the only album in which Cindy is not featured? A) Bouncing Off the Satellites B) Good Stuff C) Mesopotamia D) Whammy!
Fill in the blank: '____ popsicles and lemonade' - Summer of Love. A) Grape B) Cherry C) Banana D) Orange
Kate sings lead in which of these songs? A) Give Me Back My Man B) Hero Worship C) She Brakes for Rainbows D) Revolution Earth
Kate once guest starred on which Nickelodeon show? A) The Adventures of Pete and Pete B) Clarissa Explains It All C) Salute Your Shorts D) Hey Dude
The band recorded the theme song for which Nickelodeon animated series? A) Angry Beavers B) Rocko's Modern Life C) Kablam! D) Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
According to 'Wig', which band member has a 'big bouffant' on? A) Fred B) Kate C) Keith D) Cindy
Besides Earth, which two planets appear in B-52's song titles? A) Venus and Pluto B) Mars and Neptune C) Saturn and Mercury D) Uranus and Jupiter
Which band member got the idea of the name 'the B-52's' from a dream he/she had? A) Fred B) Kate C) Ricky D) Keith

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