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Name the 'in' and 'out' things mentioned in book 6 of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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(In) What Violet, Klaus, Sunny, Duncan, and Isadora are.
(In, then out) Opposite of light. Makes it difficult for the Baudelaires to see.
(In, replaced previous answer) Opposite of darkness.
(In) Makes the Baudelaires tired after walking up and down many of these.
(In) What makes the Squalors wealthy. Esmé can't get enough of it.
(In) What type of suit?
(In, then out) Beverage: Aqueous ____.
(In, replaced previous beverage) Beverage: ____ soda.
(In) Theme restaurant that serves all things salmon.
(In) One of the innest auctioneers in the world.
(In) Type of theme-based decor.
(In) Type of fruit.
(In) Bright blue ____ bowls.
(In) Billboards with photographs of ____ on them. (What animal?)
(In) Parts found on every useful car.
(In) A popular winter sport.
(In) Movies with ____ in them. (a thing of beauty found in nature)
(In) ____ wallpaper. (What shade of purple/red?)
(In) ____ picture frames. (What shape?)
(In) ____ ____ with letters of the alphabet stenciled all over them.
(In) A certain color of a certain office supply. (3 words)
(In) Common cleaning machine.
(In) Soft, fluffy items used to treat minor injuries or to remove nail polish.
(In) Anything with ____ ____ on it. (certain flavor of a certain common ice cream topping)
(In) A phrase that Esmé uses which means 'goodbye'.
(Book title) ____ Were In in 1812. (footwear)
(Book title) ____: In France They're Out (type of fish)
(In Auction Item) Popular collector's item. Placed on envelopes before mailing.
(In Auction Item) Spherical object often depicting a map.
(In Auction Item) Instrument with keys that are typically black and white.
(In Auction Item) Enormous statue of a ____ ____. (what color of what animal?)
(In Auction Item) Vase with ____ flowers. (What color?)
(In Auction Item) A certain type of footwear made of a certain edible substance. (3 words)
(In Auction Item) One of the things that V.F.D. stands for. Used to decorate or protect table surfaces.
(Out) Ascends and descends to take you to different stories of a building.
(Out) Alcoholic ____. (opposite of the aqueous beverage)
(Out) Things that would be useful to help Violet with her inventions.
(Out) An annual calendar containing astronomical details or an annual book of information about a certain topic.
(Out) A certain size of a certain shape made of (or the color of) a certain alloy. (3 words)

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