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What is Chandler's response to Zach, a friend from his work, confirming he did not have braces?
'Does that sound like Janice?' (when Emma is being born) Chandler '_____'
What type of acting does Joey use when he needs to remember a lot of lines?
What does Joey call his chair?
What is the name of the couple that Chandler and Monica befriend on their honeymoon?
Phoebe pretends this is her name when massaging Rachel
What kind of award does Joey get nominated for on Days Of Our Lives?
What does Phoebe smell like after trying on Men's aftershave?
What did Joey take from the room of several of the other Friends' while at Chandler and Monica's Wedding?
What does it say on the side of the giving birth video?
Why does Ross say 'We'd be in a lot of trouble' if Rachel was the President?
How does Chandler suggest Monica can earn the money to pay for her expensive boots?
'You can eat almost an entire turkey in one sitting?' 'That's right, cos i'm a Tribiani, _____'
Which team does Phoebe pretend to be supporting when watching football with Chandler so they don't have to help prepare dinner?
What name did Chandler confirm was his to a work colleague because they were offering him a dohnut?
Name Joey's cuddly penguin?
How does Ross obtain the Key Note Speaker position in Barbados

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