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Very Easy Questions - What is the name of the Doctor's robot dog?
What is the name of the Doctor's Granddaughter?
And who played her?
In what year did Doctor Who start?
And what year did it end?
Which version of the Doctor was played by Paul McGann
Rose Tyler appeared alongside which Doctor in the episode New Earth?
Donna Noble was first seen wearing what type of dress?
Which classic enemies appeared in the episode 'Nightmare In Silver'?
Deep Breath marked the return of Doctor Who this year, but what was the name of the mysterious woman who appeared at the end of the episode?
Easy Questions - Samuel Anderson plays which companions love interest?
Jenna Coleman played Jasmine Thomas on which UK soap?
Harold Saxon was reveled to be which classic Doctor Who enemy?
Which enemy is known for the phrase 'Exterminate'?
What year is Adam Mitchell from?
What is the name of the Doctor Who spin off tv show?
In Journey's End which companion became a half-human half-Time Lord hybrid?
What aliens are apparently born to serve?
Danny Pink died at the beginning of which episode?
In The Pandorica Opens who is posing as Cleopatra?
Medium Questions - Which Doctor Who actor also does the voice over for Little Britain?
The Sarah Jane Adventures followed Sarah Jane Smith and friends, but what was the name of her son?
The Judoon look similar to which Earth animal?
What was the companion Ace's real first name?
Romana was a member of which species?
In what year did the Doctor Who story Daleks - Invasion Earth ____ AD happen?
In the spoof 'Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death' who played the 9th Doctor?
The Great Intelligence is known for his deadly snowmen, but what robotic animals did he use to terrorize the 2nd doctor?
What color is rose's helmet in the episode 'The Idiots Lantern'?
Which singer covered Queen's 'Don't stop me now' for an episode of Doctor Who?
Hard Questions - Who played an older, much more rotten version of the Master in 'The Deadly Assassin'?
How many times can one Time Lord regenerate?
Raxacoricofallapatorius is the twin planet to which other Doctor Who world?
The Forest of Cheem, Face of Boe and The 9th Doctor and Rose went to see the end of the world in what year?
Sally Sparrow was criticized for only owning how many DVDs in Blink?
What is the next number in the series of happy primes, as mentioned in the episode '42'. 7,13,19...?
In 'Love & Monsters' what was the last name of the character Elton played by Marc Warren?
What job did Tegan have before traveling with the Doctor?
In 'Snakedance' the TARDIS arrives on an alien planet. Name it.
Nicola Bryant played which former companion?
Expert Questions - In what episode does the 5th doctor regenerate?
Which comedian played Droxil in the episode 'The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe'
Which alien wanted to steal the Mona Lisa in the episode 'City of Death'?
Which famous Sci-fi author co-wrote 'City of Death'.
On what day in January was the first part of 'The Robots Of Death' first shown.
In 'The Talons of Weng-Chiang' the 4th Doctor dressed like which fictional character?
In what Classic season was the episode 'Spearhead from Space' part off.
In the 6th Doctor episode 'The Ultimate Foe' who did the Keeper of the Matrix reveal themselves to be?
In 'The Smugglers' what english county do Ben Polly and the Doctor arrive in?
'The Invasion' Marked the first appearance of what military organisation?

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