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Can you name the random facts about the Chicago Cubs?

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Streets in front of Wrigley Field
Streets behind Wrigley Field
Year Cubs were Founded
Year Wrigley Field was built
Creator of the Billy Goat Curse
Name an Old Owner
Name a New Owner
Person Who Proposed the Installation of Ivy
The Batters Eye used to Be:
Last Player to Throw a No Hitter
Last Player Before Him to Throw a No Hitter
Year It Happened
Nicknames Before They Were Named Cubs
Andre Dawsons Nickname
Arguably the Cubs greatest closer
This Cubs pitcher invented the split finger fastball
Michael Barrett used to wear this number before number 8
Announcer whose call was 'Hey Hey'
Famous Announcer known for his renditions of the 7th inning Stretch
Greg Maddux and Fergie Jenkins shared this number
Mark Grace and Mike Fontenot shared this number
Sammy Sosa hit his 600th Home Run off of this pitcher wearing his old #21
This player has hit 512 HR's for the Cubs
Famous for his heel clicks after wins
Stadium Cubs play at during Spring Training
HintAnswerExtra Info
Main player of note acquired for Lou Brock
This manager once played for the Cubs in one game as a pinch runner
This Cubs Closer has a son named Blaze
Eamus Catuli rougly translates to
Team Cubs last played in the World Series
Babe Ruth's called shot occurred in which inning
Pitcher Called Shot was hit off of
This player hit a HR right after Babe Ruth's called shot
Famous Bar near Wrigley Field owned by the Loukas family
Kiki Cuylers real name
Notorious umpire during Merkle's Boner
This manager was nicknamed The Lip
Mark Prior came from this college
Stadium Cubs played at before Wrigley Field
Largest Game Attendance was close to 51,000 because of
'The Peerless Leader'
The Cubs once held Spring Training at this wet coast location
This pitcher had many superstitions including hopping over foul lines, brushing teeth between innings, eating licorice
This 2B was part of the trade for Aramis Ramirez
Dimension of Wrigley Field in Centerfield
This Cubs reliever had too many fingers
This Cub once hit a HR that hit a building across the street
This guy wrote Go Cubs Go and A Dying Cubs Fans Last Request
This manager is most famous for his postgame rant
The date the Cubs last won the World Series

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