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You're watching a show, and...Trope Name Here
You don't know exactly what just happened
The protagonist is stupid and lazy so the stupid and lazy audience can relate to him or her.
One antagonist is behind all the others
A character is ridiculously offensive
Before getting to the villain, the hero must first defeat its pet or right-hand man
A villain commits a minor cruel act to prove to the aduience he is evil
Sequels never seem to be as good as the originals
The show gets a spin-off where the main characters are all astronauts
The hero is saved by a character or plot device created specifically to do just that, with no prior introduction
A character's verbal tic is the only thing you can remember about them
You can't get the theme song out of your head
Using time travel, an event causes itself
A radioactive substance can power any machine or trigger any reaction
Bob is in love with Alice who is in love with Charlie
The show's loose ends inspire crazy theories by fans
The plot is driven by characters trying to obtain an object
The moral of the story is too blunt
A character avoids pitfalls from shows he or she saw on TV
A villain reveals his TRUE FORM
The forefathers decided to imprison the bad guy rather than kill him
People with money ruin the show
You watch an episode and then can never take the show seriously again
You're watching a show, and...Trope Name Here
A character capable of impossible feats during battle (and other things)
Readers don't like a character due to being liked by the author too much
You cried
You cringe whenever a character but appears on-screen
Everything means something symbolically, no exceptions.
A villain is downright irredeemable
You find tropes which people used before paper was invented
The plot doesn't make a lick of sense, but you don't care because it was AWESOME.
A girl is extremely tempermental toward her crush
A character procaims 'I will never eat spaghetti!', then is shown eating spaghetti after a scene cut
A character refers to the audience watching the show
A character weaves complex schemes
Your favorite character is the one who only got 10 seconds of screentime
You love something because it's so awful
Events happen to ensure each episode ends the same way it began
You remember that it's only a show and you should just relax
The creators give a very flimsy answer to a plot hole
The heroes arrive just in time to save the day
An unrealistic world is still consistant
The hero fights legions of weak soldiers who only exist to be defeated by the hero
The bad guy becomes good
You're watching a show, and...Trope Name Here
A joke is so horribly audacious, you actually crack up at it
Something makes you say 'Eww!'
The writer clearly has some misconceptions about reality and did not bother to check his facts
The creators of the show shoot down a fan-theory
A man can be killed with one bullet, but the giant robot shoots five million
A villain is evil because he was abused as a child
Dragons are cool, and aliens are cool, so an alien dragon must be AWESOME
The show makes a reference to another show which the director must have liked
The author acknowledges their use of a trope
A series is rebooted with more angst, violence, drama, and darker themes
Magic and aliens exist, but are kept secret from the general public
The villain creates a win/win situation for himself
A character conveys ideas in an unprofessional and sometimes downright confusing manner
Something funny happens
The horrible movie is nothing like the book it is based on
A fanfiction makes a villainous character more sympathetic by downplaying flaws
You find oldschool video games are much harder than modern ones
Something isn't important now, but it will be later.
Angst is overdone
The heroes form a group with specific roles on the team

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