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Largest Mammal alive:
Largest oversea territory of Denmark:
Smallest oversea territory of Denmark:
Second Largest Country (Area) on Earth:
Fourth Largest (Population) Native American Tribe:
Largest Group of First Nation Native Americans:
Year of the death of Dmitry of Uglich, Dmitry Ivanovich:
Year of the death of Joan of Arc, The Maid of Orléans:
First European in America:
Birthplace of First European in America:
Northernmost State of the USA:
Vikings who Served in the Byzantine Empire:
Founded first settlement in Greenland:
Norse Godess of Niflheim:
Norse Godess of Spring:
Mythical Tree of the Norse Religion:
Capital of Greenland:
Unified Kingdom ruled by Cnut the Great:
Presumed preferred weapon of the Vikings:
Viking God of Hunting:
Viking God of Law:
Viking 1's Destination/Landing:
First presumed settlers of Iceland:
Traditional whale specie hunted yearly by the Faroese:
Oldest Icelandic Parliament System brought by first Norwegian Vikings:
Ukrainian/Belarus Vikings Term:
Capital of the Faroe Islands:
Traditional Viking Ship:

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