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Norse Godess of Niflheim:
Norse Godess of Spring:
Norse God of Hunting:
Norse God of Law:
Unified Kingdom ruled by Cnut the Great:
Largest oversea territory of Denmark:
Smallest oversea territory of Denmark:
Founded first European settlement in Greenland:
Founded first European settlement in America:
Birthplace of first European in America:
Capital of Greenland:
Capital of Iceland:
Capital of Norway:
Ukrainian/Belarus Viking Term:
Vikings who served the Byzantine:
Ancient Icelandic Parliament System:
Capital of the Faroe Islands:
Whale hunted yearly by the Faroese:
Presumed first settlers of Iceland:
Presumed Preferred weapon of the Northmen:
Language of the Vikings:
Central Character of the Strongbow Saga:
God who helped Odin create humans:
What race killed Kvasir:
What was Kvasir's blood mixed with:
This created the drink:
Who drank the morbid beverage:
What does Kvasir's name mean:
Furthest Viking Settlement (from Europe):
Odin's Spear:
Who crafted the spear:
Four _____ of ________:
Who was fashioned out of Ymir's blood and bones in the form of a maggot:
Viking 'earl' equivalent:
First two humans:

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