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Earn as many hints as possible by answering correctly some Generation II (Gold/Silver/Crystal) Pokemon trivia questions, and try to find out the four hidden Pokemon with the hints you've earned! Click on 'HOW TO PLAY' below for more information.

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Pokemon #1. Question 1
If you let your mom save some of your money, which of the following items may she buy? A) Repel B) Sun Stone C) Potion D) Gorgeous Box 
Pokemon #1. Question 2
Which Pokemon can give the highest possible score in the Bug Catching Contest? A) Butterfree B) Beedrill C) Scyther D) Pinsir 
Pokemon #1. Question 3
Which Apricorn can be made into a Friend Ball by Kurt? A) Red Apricorn B) Ylw Apricorn C) Blu Apricorn D) Grn Apricorn 
Pokemon #1. Question 4
Which of the following Pokemon does NOT appear in the reels of the Slot Machine game in the Game Corner? A) Bulbasaur B) Squirtle C) Pikachu D) Staryu 
Pokemon #2. Question 1
If the Rattata in Route 30 could be talked to, what unused text would the game display? A) Test event. B) Object event. C) Corrupted event! D) No event. 
Pokemon #2. Question 2
Which of the following Fire-type Pokemon is exclusive from Pokemon Silver? A) Vulpix B) Growlithe C) Ponyta D) Magmar 
Pokemon #2. Question 3
Which of the following items is NOT obtainable as a prize from the Lucky Number Show? A) PP Up B) Rare Candy C) Exp. Share D) Master Ball  
Pokemon #2. Question 4
Which move is shared by all the Pokemon that may hatch from the Odd Egg in Pokemon Crystal? A) Sweet Kiss B) Charm C) Pound D) Dizzy Punch 
Pokemon #3. Question 1
Which day of the week can we find Lapras in the Union Cave's basement? A) Monday B) Wednesday C) Friday D) Sunday 
Pokemon #3. Question 2
What are the only two Unown forms that can be shiny? A) N and R forms B) G and Z forms C) I and V forms D) H and U forms 
Pokemon #3. Question 3
The Goldenrod Gym is laid out in the shape of... which Pokemon? A) Clefairy B) Jigglypuff C) Chansey D) Togepi 
Pokemon #3. Question 4
Which of Lance's Pokemon knows a move that it can't learn? A) Charizard (Flail) B) Gyarados (Earthquake) C) Aerodactyl (Rock Slide) D) Dragonite (Barrier) 
Pokemon #4. Question 1
There is evidence of the existence of a leftover function in memory designed to allow the player to name... who? A) Prof. Elm B) Mom C) Red D) Bill 
Pokemon #4. Question 2
Which Pokemon can NOT be found on the trap floor of the Rocket Hideout? A) Geodude B) Grimer C) Koffing D) Voltorb 
Pokemon #4. Question 3
How many times can the Card Flip game in the Game Corner be played before the cards are shuffled again? A) 8 B) 10 C) 12 D) 14 
Pokemon #4. Question 4
Which of the following wild Pokemon has the higher chance to flee? A) Magnemite B) Tangela C) Heracross D) Teddiursa 
Who is Pokemon #1?
Who is Pokemon #2?
Who is Pokemon #3?
Who is Pokemon #4?

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