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In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, there are some species of Pokemon that have a chance to flee each given turn when encountered in the wild. Can you guess them?

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Every Turn (100%)
Every Turn (100%) (Never in Pokemon Crystal)
Often (50%)
Hint: can be found in Rock Tunnel 
Hint: dual-type Pokemon that can be found in lakes 
Hint: can be found in Ice Path 
Hint: unevolved Ground-type Pokemon 
Hint: unevolved generation II Normal-type Pokemon 
Sometimes (~10%)
Hint: commonly seen used by Scientists and Super Nerds 
Hint: often used by Team Rocket grunts 
Hint: Grass-type Pokemon that is not part of any evolution chain 
Hint: in Pokemon Gold and Silver, can also be purchased in Game Corner 
Hint: generation I Pokemon that evolves twice 
Hint: can be found fishing with Super Rod 
Hint: always appears at level 5 
Hint: used by some Pokefan trainers 
Hint: can only be found by using the move Headbutt on some trees 

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