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Kakashi's 'eternal rival'?
Shukaku's jinchuuriki?
Haku's partner/sensei?
What is Tobi's true identity?
Naruto's Dad?
Konoha's white fang and Kakashi's dad?
Village Hidden By Sand? (Shortened name version)
Sasuke's daughter?
Naruto's son?
Head of the Intelligence Division in the Fourth Great Ninja War?
Kiba's sister?
Ino's 'clan'?
Hinata's clan? (double u's)
Chiyo's grandson?
Sakura married who?
Nine tail's name?
Naruto's mom?
Team number of Sakura,Naruto,Sasuke and Kakashi?
Obito's childhood love?
Fourth Kazekage
Sasuke's older brother?
Shikamaru's dad?
Boruto's dad?
Yamato's real name?
Tsunade's younger brother?
Itachi's partner?
Hinata's sister?
Kakashi's clan?
Gaara's sister?
Hinata married who?
Tsunade's clan?
Ino,Choji,Shikamaru and Asuma's team number?
Village Hidden in the Leaves?
What's Naruto's last name?
Who was disguised as the Fourth Kazekage?
Hidan's god?
Naruto's Dad's last name?
Mitsuki's dad?
Suna's fifth Kazekage?
Shikamaru often refers to woman/everything as _____
Tsunade's deceased lover?
Hidan's partner?
Tsunade's grandfather?
Zabuza's partner
Who fought Pein/Pain to protect Naruto?
Naruto's godfather?
Who did Kakashi acquire his Sharingan eye from?
Who killed/buried Hidan?
Sasuke's clan?
Kakashi's sensei?
Was Haku a male,female,transgender etc.?
Gaara's brother?

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