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What is it?Answers
The oldest brother
The younger brother
The mother
The father
Who was like a father figure to the boys?
The youngest brother
What is the car Dean owns?
The first licence plate?
The second licence plate?
What year did Supernatural come out?
Dean's biggest fear?
Sam's biggest fear?
What is Samandriel?
Who broke the first seal?
What was the last seal?
Who was Sam's girlfriend?
How do you kill a vampire?
Who plays John Winchester?
Who plays Sam Winchester?
What is it?Answers
Who plays Dean Winchester?
Who is Sam and Dean's angel?
Who plays him?
Who is the trickster?
Which episode did Dean go to hell?
What killed Jo Harvelle?
The King of Hell?
Who killed Kevin?
Who was he pretending to be?
How do you kill a Shapeshifter?
Who was Dean's 'old flame' he went back to?
Sam and Dean's red-headed friend?
'Driver picks the music......'
Lucky charm in Bad Day At Black Rock?
The demon Sam picks over Dean?
What does Ruby make Sam addicted to?
Who kills Bobby?
'Mother of all'?

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