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In which cemetery would you find the graves of Karl Marx, Douglas Adams & Michael Faraday?
What is the easternmost public crossing of the Thames in London?
Which (now subterranean) river has its source on Hampstead Heath and flows to the Thames at Blackfriars, and was a proposed name for the Jubilee Line?
In which decade did the last execution take place at the Tower of London?
Which is the biggest of London's Royal Parks?
In what year did the Great Plague of London break out?
Which Underground line is coloured dark blue on the tube map?
Name either of the two universities that were affiliated with the University of London upon its creation in 1836.
What is the address of the official residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer?
How many ceremonial counties border London?
Whose statue surmounts the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain in Piccadilly Circus?
Which London borough comes first alphabetically?
What is the name of the light rail system primarily serving East London?
Which motorway encircles London?
Name the Underground station shown in picture D.
Which two roads intersect at Oxford Circus?
What is the second most expensive property on the standard London Monopoly board?
Which building in North London was the site of the first BBC Television broadcast?
On what street did the Great Fire of London break out?
What new transport line is due to open in 2018, linking Shenfield/Abbey Wood in the east with Reading in the west?
Name the bridge shown in Picture B.
In which American state does one of the old London Bridges now lie?
What landmark is featured in Picture C?
Which road is considered to be the heart of London's Banglatown and is notable for its high concentration of curry houses?
Which football team play their home games at The Valley?
Where was the site of many hangings and executions, close to modern day Marble Arch?
Which art gallery stands in Trafalgar Square?
Which long running soap is set in the fictional district of Walford?
What building houses the Greater London Authority?
In 1952, Albert Gunter jumped a 3m gap when Tower Bridge began to raise as he was driving what vehicle?
What street & area of central London is well known for its high concentration of jewellers?
What is the busiest railway station in London (and indeed the UK)?
Which monarch bought Buckingham Palace as a royal residence for his wife?
What is the only airport served by the Underground?
Which exclusive private school is located in northwest London, in a same-named borough?
Where would you find London's Chinatown, an area also notable for moreā€¦ adult entertainment?
Who is the current mayor of London?
Which area, northwest of the City and centred on a roundabout, is regarded as London's technological centre?
What structure was opened in 2000 as an exhibition venue in North Greenwich, and has since become an entertainment venue?
What was the Roman name for London?
In what year did London first host the Olympic Games?
What is the tallest building in London?
Who discovered the cause of cholera from an infected water pump in Broad Street, Soho, in 1854?
Which department store did Mohammed al-Fayed purchase, along with his brother, in 1985?
What is the name of the business district created on the north of the Isle of Dogs in the late 1980s?
Where is Picture E taken from?
Where is the structure in Picture A located?
What is the name of the area where the majority of London's theatres are located?
Which famous toy shop would you find on Regent Street?
Which other sport features in the full name of the club that hosts the Wimbledon Championships?

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