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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1991?

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A train crash at this London terminus kills one person and injures over 500.8th January
The final phase of this motorway through Oxfordshire is completed, giving the West Midlands conurbation its first direct motorway link with London.16th January
The RAF joins Allied aircraft in bombing raids on Iraq as this war begins.17th January
The Provisional IRA launch an attack on 10 Downing Street using this weapon, blowing in all the windows of the cabinet room but injuring no-one.7th February
During the harsh winter of this year, this now infamous excuse is used by British Rail to explain the severe disruption to services.11th February
The Government confirms that the unpopular Community Charge is to be replaced by this tax in 1993.23rd April
This woman becomes the first, and to date, only Briton to go to space, flying with the Soyuz TM-12 mission.18th May
The final section of this motorway, between Maidstone and Ashford in Kent, is opened, giving the Channel Tunnel a link to London 3 years before it opens.22nd May
This Korean carmaker begins importing cars to the UK for the first time, starting with the Pride.June
A survey of children's school reading reveals that this author, who died 8 months ago, has overtaken Enid Blyton as the most popular children's author.16th July
This British hostage is freed after 5 years held captive in Lebanon.8th August
This building at the newly developed Canary Wharf in east London, which became the UK's tallest building last June, is officially opened.26th August
This Scottish runner becomes the first British gold medallist at the World Athletics Championships in Tokyo.30th August
The Royal Albert Hall hosts the first tournament of this sport held outside Japan.9th October
This Bryan Adams single makes chart history by staying at No. 1 for a 15th consecutive week.19th October
This computer retailer opens its first store in Croydon, Greater London.November
This business magnate is found dead off the coast of Tenerife; the cause of death of speculated to be suicide.5th November
The first controlled and substantial production of this type of energy is carried out at the Joint European Torus in Oxford.9th November
This singer dies at his London home, 24 hours after announcing he was suffering from AIDS.24th November
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, this left-wing political party disbands.December

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