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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1990?

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This Rowan Atkinson character makes his debut in a Thames Television special.1st January
A storm on this day kills 39 people and causes over £3 billion worth of damage.25th January
This Act, regarding the illegal disclosure of information or documents related to security or intelligence and the consequences of doing so, comes into force.1st March
200,000 protestors riot in London against the implementation of this controversial tax, due to be carried out next week.31st March
A riot breaks out at this Manchester prison, and will last until 25th April.1st April
This German supermarket opens its first store in Stechford, Birmingham.5th April
This snooker player becomes the youngest ever world champion.29th April
British agriculture minister John Gummer feeds this item of food to his 5 year old daughter to combat fears of the spread of BSE and its transmission to humans.19th May
This political party, beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party in a by-election 9 days ago, is wound up after 9 years of existence.3rd June
Girobank Plc is privatised by sale to this building society group.2nd July
An IRA bomb explodes at this tower in London.20th July
This year's heatwave peaks with a temperature of 37.1 °C recorded in this Gloucestershire town.3rd August
Four men are found guilty of attempting to fix the price of shares in this drinks company.27th August
This ITV children's show, featuring the antics of a pair of ragdolls living on a canal boat, first airs.3rd September
The Pound Sterling joins this European currency system, aimed at achieving monetary stability in Europe and reducing variability across different currencies.8th October
This man is elected leader of the Conservative Party after the resignation of Margaret Thatcher 5 days earlier, following her failure to win outright a leadership contest.27th November
Workers on this continental link from the UK and France meet 40 metres below the seabed of the English Channel, establishing the first land connection for 8,000 years.1st December
This budget shop chain opens its first premises in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire.13th December
This Arsenal and England defender is sentenced to 4 months in prison for drink-driving.19th December
After nearly 150 years of coalmining, the last coalmine closes in this area of south Wales.20th December
The 9-month-old daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, their second child, is given this name.23rd December

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