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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1988?

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Margaret Thatcher suceeds this Liberal Prime Minister as the longest serving PM of the 20th century.3rd January
Colin Pitchfork is sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape and murder of two girls, the first conviction for murder based on this type of evidence.22nd January
The first of these BBC-led fundraising days raises £15 million for charity.5th February
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Winter Olympics at this North American location, but win no medals.13th-28th February
This political party is formed; its interim leaders are David Steel & Robert Maclennan, although Steel had previously stated he would not run for permanent leadership.3rd March
3 men are killed and 70 wounded in an attack at this cemetary in Belfast by loyalist paramilitary Michael Stone at the funeral of three IRA members killed by the SAS in Gibraltar.16th March
This Scottish golfer becomes the first British winner of the US Masters.10th April
This Northern Irish midfielder scores the only goal as Wimbledon's ''Crazy Gang'' produce one of the all time upsets to beat Liverpool in the FA Cup final.14th May
This controversial Section of the Local Government Act 1988 outlaws local authorities from ''promoting homosexuality''.24th May
Prince Charles reopens this dock in Liverpool as a leisure and business centre, including the Tate Liverpool art museum.24th May
This controversial BBC film, starring Colin Firth as a soldier wounded and subsequently paralysed in the Falklands War, is released.31st May
The Freeze art exhibition is held at Surrey Docks in east London, organised by this artist and considered significant in the development of the Young British Artists.July
This oil rig in the North Sea explodes, killing 167 men.6th July
This English midfielder becomes the first British £2 million transfer in a move from Newcastle United to Tottenahm Hotspur.18th July
This man is elected leader of the new Social and Liberal Democrat Party.28th July
The Duke and Duchess of York's first child is given this name.22nd August
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Summer Olympics at this Asian location, winning 24 medals, 5 gold.17th September-2nd October
During Pope John Paul II's address to the European Parliament, this Northern Irish politician heckles him, denouncing him as the Antichrist.12th October
This politician sparks panic when she states that most of Britain's eggs are infected with salmonella.3rd December
35 people are killed when 3 trains collide just outside this southwest London station.12th December
Pan Am Flight 103 explodes over this Scottish town, killing all 259 on board, plus 11 on the ground. It is believed the cause is a terrorist bomb.21st December

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