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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1982?

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This temperature, the lowest ever UK temperature, is recorded at Braemar in Aberdeenshire. (in °C, to nearest degree)10th January
Unemployment in the UK reaches 3 million for the first time since this decade.26th January
Sales of tabloid newspapers are reported to have been boosted substantially by the introduction of this game of chance.1st February
This clothing store opens its first premises, specialising in women's clothing.12th February
This alternative rock band is formed by Johnny Marr and Morrissey.Spring
Argentina, under the leadership of a military junta headed by this man, invades the Falkland Islands.2nd April
This North American country gains full political independence from the UK, with the repatriation of its constitution.17th April
The Sun prints this notorious headline following the sinking of the Argentina warship General Belgrano.4th May
This nightclub opens in Manchester.21st May
This battle begins in the Falklands War, the first land battle of the conflict.28th May
The Falklands War ends when British forces reach this city, the capital, to find the Argentines flying white flags of surrender.14th June
Following England's elimination from the 1982 World Cup, Ron Greenwood resigns, and is replaced by this man.5th July
This man breaks into Buckingham Palace, and spends several minutes talking to the Queen.9th July
The Provisional IRA detonates two bombs in these central London parks, killing 8 soldiers and 7 horses, and wounding 47 people. (Name either park).20th July
The first child of the Prince and Princess of Wales is given this name.4th August
This central Cardiff performance venue, the National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales, opens.30th August
Sue Townsend releases this novel, recording the life of a worried teenager who believes himself an intellectual.7th October
This ship, flagship of Henry VIII which sank in 1545, is raised from the Solent.11th October
This political party win their first seats on the Northern Ireland Assembly.21st October
This terrestrial TV channel launches.2nd November
This London river defence is first publicly demonstrated.7th November
This biopic, focussed on an Indian revolutionary and starring Ben Kingsley as the title character, is released. It will go on to win 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.3rd December

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