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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1980?

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Workers for this metal company go on a nationwide strike over pay.2nd January
The British TV record for a film is set when this Bond film is aired by ITV.20th January
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Winter Olympics in this North American location, winning 1 gold medal.14th-23rd February
The first episode of this popular BBC political sitcom airs.25th February
This Staffordshire theme park is opened.4th April
This African nation gains independence from the UK.18th April
The siege of this Asian nation's embassy begins, after a terrorist group storms the embassy and takes 6 hostages.30th April
This pre-decimal coin is withdrawn from circulation.30th June
This north London entertainment venue is gutted by fire.8th July
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Summer Olympics in this European location, winning 21 medals, 5 gold.19th July-3rd August
Margaret Thatcher announces the introduction of these areas, in which policies to encourage economic growth and development are implemented.29th July
Ford launches this car, a technological innovation in the car market, which spells the end of the traditional rear-drive saloon in favour of the front-wheel drive hatchback.1st September
Bibby Line's MV Derbyshire sinks with the loss of all 44 crew in Typhoon Orchid south of this Asian country. At 91,655 gross tons, she is the largest UK-registered ship ever lost9th September
Hercules, a bear that had gone missing on a Scottish island following filming of an advertisement for this tissue brand, is found.13th September
The CND holds its first rally at this RAF base, recently announced as one of two bases for US nuclear cruise missiles.21st September
Thatcher utters this phrase in a speech responding to opposition of her liberalisation of the economy.10th October
This Labour Party leader, recently ousted as Prime Minister, resigns.15th October
The Queen makes history by becoming the first British monarch to make a state visit to this European country.17th October
This car manufacturer ceases production after 56 years with the closure of the plant in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.24th October
This man is elected leader of the Labour Party.10th November
This former Beatle is shot dead in New York.8th December
This incident, sometimes called the ''most famous UFO event to have happened in Britain'', occurs.late December
This poet's first collection of works, Pen Rhythm, is released.Undated

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