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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1974?

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This event is celebrated as a public holiday in England and Wales for the first time.1st January
12 people, including 8 off-duty British Army soldiers, are killed by a Provisional IRA bomb planted on a coach on this motorway in West Yorkshire.4th February
This Caribbean island nation gains independence from the UK.7th February
This BBC children's television series, featuring a ''saggy, old cloth cat'', is first broadcast.12th February
This Labour leader becomes PM following the result of a hung parliament in the recently called General Election and Heath's failure to form a coalition with the Liberals.4th March
This Soviet car maker begins selling cars in the UK, starting with the £999 1200.April
Name any of the 6 new metropolitan counties created with the passing of the Local Government Act 1972.1st April
Manchester United are relegated from the First Division after losing 1-0 to rivals Manchester City, with the goal coming from this Scottish former United striker.27th April
This fascist far-right party garners more than 10% of the vote in several parts of London in council elections, but fails to gain any councillors.2nd May
This Loyalist paramilitary force carries out bombings in Dublin and Monaghan, killing 33 people and injuring almost 300, the deadliest terrorist attack of The Troubles.17th May
This actor replaces Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who.8th June
This football manager, who had managed Leeds United since 1961, accepts the FA's offer to become the new England manager following Alf Ramsey's dismissal 2 months earlier.3rd July
This text-based information system is launched by the BBC.23rd September
This fast food chain opens its first restaurant in Woolwich, London.1st October
This political party secures its highest ever Westminster representation with 11 seats in the General Election, which sees Labour gain a majority of 3 seats.10th October
Rioting prisoners set fire to this Belfast prison.16th October
This man disappears after the murder of his children's nanny.8th November
Two pubs are bombed in this Midlands city, killing 21 people.21st November
The final episode of this sketch based comedy show is broadcast on BBC2.5th December
Antony Hewish wins the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of this type of star, despite the actual discovery having been made by one of his graduate students, Jocelyn Bell.10th December
Steel is produced in the UK using this process for the last time, at Workington.Undated
This organisation publishes its first Good Beer Guide.Undated

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