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QUIZ: Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1973?

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The UK becomes a member of this organisation.1st January
The IRA explodes a bomb at this London court.8th March
Richard Sharples, governor of this Caribbean territory, is assassinated along with his aide-de-camp.10th March
Pink Floyd release this album.24th March
Women are admitted to this financial institution for the first time.26th March
This tax takes effect in the UK.1st April
This northeastern football team becomes the first postwar side outside of the First Division to win the FA Cup, beating Leeds United 1-0.5th May
A fire at a house in Hull, which kills a 6 year old child, is thought to be an accident, but later emerges as the first of several deadly acts of arson performed by this man.23rd June
This literary institution is established.1st July
This Bond film is released, the first to star Roger Moore as 007.6th July
This Caribbean nation gains full independence.10th July
Having lost sight in one eye in a car accident last year, this goalkeeper announces his retirement.8th August
The UK is badly affected by the price rise of oil instigated by this cartel, compounding the effects of the stock market crash of 1973.October
This radio station, the first legal independent commercial station in the UK, begins broadcasting.8th October
This religious leader makes his first visit to the UK.20th October
This BBC sitcom, centred on a trio of old men and their youthful antics, is first broadcast.12th November
This royal figure marries Captain Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey.14th November
This agreement, an attempt to establish a power-sharing situation in Northern Ireland, is signed by Ted Heath, Liam Cosgrave and representatives of various political parties.9th December
This electricity conservation scheme, limiting commercial users of electricity in order to save coal (due to the coal miners strike), comes into effect.31st December
This American restaurant chain opens its first premises in Islington, London.Undated

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