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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1972?

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This event occurs in Northern Ireland when 14 are killed after troops open fire on demonstrators in Derry.30th January
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Winter Olympics in this Asian city, but win no medals.3rd-13th February
An Official IRA bomb kills 6 people in the bombing of this Hampshire town's barracks.22nd February
The UK's last trolleybus system, in this West Yorkshire city, closes.26th March
This Yorkshire football club win the FA Cup for the first time, beating last year's winners Arsenal 1-0.6th May
Tottenham Hotspur complete a 3-2 aggregate win over Wolverhampton Wanderers to win the first final of this European competition.17th May
The Dominion of Ceylon becomes this independent country.22nd May
With the opening of the final section, this motorway (between Rugby and Carlisle) is completed.24th May
This former monarch dies of cancer in France at the age of 77.28th May
The first official march in support of this principle is held in London.1st July
This dictator of Uganda announces that 50,000 Asians with British passports are to be expelled to Britain, claiming they are ''sabotaging the Ugandan economy''.6th August
This Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, charting the last week of Jesus, makes its West End début.9th August
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Summer Olympics in this European city, winning 18 medals, 4 gold.26th August-10th September
The school leaving age in England and Wales is raised to this age.1st September
This BBC quiz programme is first broadcast.11th September
The sinking of two British trawlers by an Icelandic gunboat triggers the second of these wars.12th September
Hypermarkets make their debut in the UK when this French retailer opens a hypermarket in Caerphilly.13th September
This poet is appointed Poet Laureate.10th October
This soap opera makes its début on ITV.16th October
This Richard Adams novel, featuring a family of rabbits forced to seek a new home, is published.November
Honda begins importing passenger cars to the UK, starting with this small hatchback.Undated

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