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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1971?

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This educational establishment, designed to increase the number of people with access to higher education, takes in its first batch of students.January
Tupamaros kidnaps Geoffrey Jackson, ambassador to this South American country.8th January
The first ever strike by these workers takes place.20th January
This Tyneside-set crime film, starring Michael Caine, premières in Los Angeles.3rd February
This car and aeronautical parts manufacturer goes bankrupt and is nationalised.4th February
The United Kingdom switches from 20 shillings in a pound to 100 pence in a pound in this process.15th February
This newspaper appears in tabloid form for the first time.1st May
This children's show buries a time capsule in the grounds of BBC Television Centre, due to be opened in 2000.7th June
The first of these music themed restaurants opens near Hyde Park Corner, London.14th June
This politician's proposal to end free school milk for children aged over 7 is backed by a majority of 33 MPs.14th June
The Criminal Damage Act abolished the (theoretically) capital offence of this criminal act in royal dockyards.14th July
Prime Minster Ted Heath participates in Britain's victory in this yacht race.11th August
This Arabian country gains independence from the UK.3rd September
This music TV show airs for the first time on BBC 2.21st September
This Godfrey Hounsfield invention, used for medical imaging, is used for the first time at a hospital in Wimbledon.1st October
The Rev. Ian Paisley founds this political party in Northern Ireland.30th October
An IRA bomb explodes at the top of this London building.31st October
This motorway junction, north of Birmingham, is opened, and will have a total of 12 routes when the final stretch of the M6 is opened next year.10th November
This bar in Belfast is bombed, killing 15 and injuring a further 17, the highest death toll from a single incident in Belfast during The Troubles.4th December
This Roger Hargreaves book is published, the first of the Mr. Men series.Undated

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