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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1968?

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Ford introuces this saloon to replace the Anglia.January
This horticutural show first airs on BBC 1, presented by Ken Burras.5th January
Harold Wilson endorses this campaign, encouraging workers to work extra time without pay or take other actions to help competetiveness.8th January
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Winter Olympics in this European location, but win no medals.6th-18th February
This musical becomes the first Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd-Webber piece performed publicly, by pupils of Colet Court prep school in Hammersmith, London.1st March
This world champion racing driver is killed when his car leaves the track at 170 mph and crashes into a tree at a Formula 2 event in Hockenheim, Germany.7th April
Enoch Powell makes this infamous speech regarding immigration.21st April
Coins of this denomination are introduced in the run up to Decimalisation.23rd April
Mr Frederick West becomes the first patient to successfully undergo a transplant of this organ (although he dies just 46 days later).3rd May
This football club becomes the first English club to win the European Cup, beating Benfica 4-1 after extra time at Wembley.29th May
James Earl Ray, killer of this American civil rights activist, is arrested in London.8th June
This Beatles animated film debuts in London.17th July
This BBC sitcom, following the antics of the Home Guard during WWII, is first aired.31st July
This music festival first takes place.31st August
This tennis player wins the 1968 US Open.8th September
With the opening of the final 35 mile stretch between Rotherham and Leeds, this motorway is completed.October
Great Britain and Northern Ireland compete in the Summer Olympics in this North American city, winning 13 medals, 5 gold.12th-27th October
This Post Office administrated financial institution opens for business.18th October
The Dawley New Town Amendment Order extends the boundaries of Dawley New Town in Shropshire and renames it, to this name.29th November
This Arthur C. Clarke novel, developed concurrently with the Kubrick film of the same name, is released.Undated

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