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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1966?

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Chancellor of the Exchequer James Callaghan announces the decision to enact this currency overhaul, although it won't be effected until 1971.1st March
In an interview with the Evening Standard, John Lennon comments, ''We're more popular than ____ now.''4th March
This gangster shoots George Cornell (a rival gang's associate) at The Blind Beggar pub in east London, a crime for which he is finally convicted in 1969.9th March
7 days after it was stolen, a dog with this name finds the FIFA World Cup trophy wrapped in newspaper in a south London garden.27th March
The Labour Party under this leader win the General Election, increasing their majority from just 1 seat to 96.31st March
Hoverlloyd inaugurate the first cross-Channel hovercraft service, from Ramsgate, Kent to this French port.6th April
The Marquess of Bath opens this safari park, the first such drive-through park outside of Africa.11th April
These two people are found guilty of the Moors Murders, and are sentenced to life imprisonment.6th May
The first British version of this payment method is introduced by Barclays.29th June
Gwynfor Evans becomes the first ever MP for this political party.14th July
More than 32 million Brits tune in to watch this man score a hat-trick and give England a 4-2 victory over West Germany in the FIFA World Cup final.30th July
This Tom Stoppard play, centred on two minor characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet, is first staged at the Edinburgh Festival.24th August
The Beatles play their last ever concert at Candlestick Park in this Californian city.29th August
The Oberon-class submarine HMCS Okanagan is launched at this Kent town's dockyard, the last warship to be built there.17th September
144 people are killed in this Welsh village when a coal spoil tip collapses, engulfing the village in a landslide.21st October
This BBC television play, a gritty docudrama about a young couple who fall into poverty and homelessness, is first broadcast, and viewed by a quarter of the British population.16th November
Nissan begins importing cars to the UK under this branding.Undated
This skyscraper, on Tottenham Court Road, London opens, but remains empty for 10 years.Undated

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