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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1962?

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The BBC broadcasts the first episode of this police procedural, set in the fictional Northern town of Newtown and noted for a more realistic portrayal of the police.2nd January
Eric Lubbock, candidate for this party, upsets the expected winner, Peter Goldman, in the Orpington by-election (often seen as the start of the resurgence of this party).15th March
This Suffolk football club win their first First Division title in their first season in the division.28th April
The cathedral in this Midlands city is consecrated.25th May
The Northern Ireland general election is won by this party, winning 34 out of 51 seats.31st May
The BBC broadcasts the first episode of this sitcom, centred on a father and son rag-and-bone business.14th June
Live television is broadcast from the USA to Britain for the first time, via this satellite.11th July
This rock band make their debut at London's Marquee Club, opening for Long John Baldry.12th July
The world's first regular passenger service on this vessel is introduced between Rhyl, North Wales and Wallasey, Merseyside.20th July
A crowd assaults a rally of this man's right-wing Union Movement in London.31st July
These two Caribbean nations become independent of the UK (name either).August
John Lennon marries this woman in an unpublicised ceremony in Liverpool.23rd August
Mountaineers Chris Bonington and Ian Clough become the first Britons to climb the north face of this Swiss Alp.31st August
The first episode of this quiz show, featuring teams from various educaitonal establishments, is broadcast.21st September
Ford launches this family saloon.21st September
Dr. No, the first James Bond film, is released, with this actor playing the erstwhile spy.5th October
This song, The Beatles' first single, is released.5th October
John Charnley makes the world's first successful whole replacement operation on this joint.November
Britain and France sign an agreement to develop this airliner.29th November
This Anthony Burgess novel, set in a dystopian near future English society with a subculture of extreme youth violence, is published.December
These British molecular scientists win the Nobel Prize, along with American James Watson, for the discovery of DNA (name either).10th December
Golden Wonder introduce the first flavoured crisps, of this flavour, to the UK.Undated

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