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This monarch is crowned.Queen Elizabeth II
This sea experiences a severe storm surge, causing widespread flooding and loss of life across the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.North Sea
James Watson and Francis Crick announce that they have discovered the structure of this molecule.DNA
On the same day, The Times exclusively carries James Morris' scoop of the conquest of this mountain by a British Expedition on 29th May.Mount Everest
This Yugoslav leader becomes the first Communist leader to visit the UK.Josep Tito
Ian Fleming publishes this novel, the first to feature James Bond.Casino Royale
This largely telephone based charity, aiming to provide support to people undergoing emotional stress or at risk of suicide, is started by the Rev. Chad Varah in London.Samaritans
This royal, consort to the late George V, dies in her sleep at Marborough House.Queen Mary
This BBC current affairs series begins broadcasting; it continues to air to this day.Panorama
In the first FA Cup final to be televised, this Lancashire club wins their first major trophy after coming back from 3-1 down to win 4-3, with Stanley Matthews instrumental.Blackpool
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The Government sends troops to this South American colony, blaming communists for causing unrest.British Guiana
Post-War rationing of this basic foodstuff ends.Sugar
The England national football team suffer a 6-3 defeat to this European nation at Wembley, ending a 90-year unbeaten home run against non-British sides.Hungary
These fossilised remains, thought to be a hitherto unknown form of early human, are exposed as a hoax.Piltdown Man
The first roll-on|roll-off ferry crossing of the English Channel takes place, from Dover to this French town.Boulogne
A strain of this disease, affecting rabbits, arrives in the UK for the first time after being illegally introduced on an estate in West Sussex.Myxomatosis
This man is executed at Wandsworth Prison for his part in the murder of PC Sidney Miles.Derek Bentley
Eskdalemuir, a small village in the south of Scotland, sets a new record for the highest rainfall in a 30 minute period, with this amount of rain falling (answer in mm, ± 3).80 mm
This car ferry, sailing from Stranraer, Scotland, to Larne, Northern Ireland, sinks in the Irish Sea, killing 133 people, including the Deputy PM of Northern Ireland.MV Princess Victoria
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