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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1949?

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This social research organisation carries out a survey into the sexual behaviour and attitudes of 4,000 British people. The results remain largely unpublished for over 50 years.January
Astronomer Fred Hoyle coins this term for the origin of the universe.28th March
This stately home, home to the Marquesses of Bath and noted for its Elizabethan country house, maze and safari park, becomes the first stately home opened to the public.1st April
With Britain's signing of the relevant treaty, this international military alliance is formed.4th April
This equestrian 3-day event, one of the 3 events of the Grand Slam of Eventing and once advertised as ''the most important horse event in Britain'', is held for the first time.20th April
EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator), the first practicable stored-program computer, runs its first program at this university.6th May
This energy industry is nationalised.1st May
This dystopian George Orwell novel is published in London.8th June
This British-built aircraft, the world's first passenger jet, has its maiden flight at Hatfield, Hertfordshire.27th July
This playwright's comedy ''The Cocktail Party'' premiƩres at the Edinburgh Festival.22nd August
Wales' first comprehensive school opens in this northwestern town.21st September
This aerial relief effort of the Soviet blockaded West German capital ends.30th September
This southeastern Welsh town is designated the first New Town in Wales.4th November
The transmitting station at this West Midlands town begins transmitting BBC Television to the Midlands, the first broadcasts seen outside the London area.17th December
This Enid Blyton character appears in his first book, in which he goes to Toyland.Unknown

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