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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1945?

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Winston Churchill attends this conference, along with Roosevelt and Stalin, to discuss Europe's post-war reorganisation.4th-11th February
RAF Bomber Command begins the strategic bombing of this eastern German city, causing a firestorm that kills approx. 25,000 civilians.13th February
67 German POWs tunnel their way out of Island Farm Camp 198 at this south Welsh town, the biggest escape attempt by German POWs in the UK during the war.10th March
The last attack by this ranged weapon takes place, striking Orpington in southeast London, killing 1.27th March
Robert McIntyre becomes the first member of this political party to be elected to Parliament, after winning the Motherwell by-election.13th April
This Nazi concentration camp, located in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany, is liberated by the British 11th Armoured Division.15th April
8 days after the suicide of Hitler and the collapse of Nazi rule in Berlin, this day is celebrated.8th May
German forces in this location, the only occupied part of the British Isles, surrender.12th May
This man, known for his German propaganda broadcasts, is captured.28th May
The UK takes over administration of these two Middle Eastern countries (name either).1st June
This man's opera ''Peter Grimes'' is first performed at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London.7th June
Churchill attends this conference, the last of the war, named after the place it was held in eastern Germany.17th July-2nd August
Churchill resigns as Prime Minister after the Conservative Party suffers a major defeat to this man's Labour Party in the general election.26th July
The BBC launches this radio station, intended as a domestic replacement for the wartime BBC Forces Programme. It is later rebranded as BBC Radio 2.29th July
Churchill speaks in the House of Commons of this metaphorical and political division descending across Europe.16th August
This George Orwell novel is published.17th August
British sovereignty of this Asian territory is restored following the cessation of Japanese occupation.30th August
With the signing of the surrender documents by Japan onboard this American ship, World War II officially ends.2nd September
This central London tube station becomes the first to be lit by fluorescent light.2nd October
This future Prime Minister begins his third term as an MP after winning the by-election in Bromley, Kent.14th November
This man jointly wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of penicillin.December
Britain recieves its first shipment of this fruit since the beginning of the war.31st December
Bernard Lovell establishes this observatory in Cheshire.Undated

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