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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1944?

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This musician, known as the guitarist and leader of Led Zeppelin, is born.9th January
This method of tax collection, whereby the amount required is taken from one's salary, is introduced.10th February
This adventurer and explorer, who is currently the oldest British person to have reached the summit of Mount Everest, is born.7th March
The prohibition on married women working in this educational capacity is lifted.10th March
During this amphibious exercise, a full-scale rehearsal for the Normandy landings, Allied Convoy T4 is attacked by E-boats, resulting in 749 American servicemen deaths.28th April
The BBC transmits a coded message, the second line of a poem by this man, to underground resistance fighters in France, alerting them to the imminent invasion of Europe.5th June
D-Day: Allied troops invade Normandy, marking the start of this operation.6th June
The first V-1 flying bomb, given this nickname, attacks London.13th June
The Education Act 1944 introduces this test, to determine which type of secondary school children will attend in the new tripartite system: Secondary Modern, Technical or Grammar3rd August
This footballer, nicknamed Jinky and best known for his time at Celtic (and voted their best ever player in 2002), is born.30th September
The Allies recognise this French politician's cabinet as the provisional government of France.23rd October
This German battleship, the heaviest ever built by a European navy, is bombed and subsequently capsizes.12th November
This Laurence Olivier directed Shakespeare play becomes the first work of Shakespeare to be filmed in colour.22nd November
A V-2 rocket destroys a branch of this high street store, killing 168, the largest death toll from such a weapon.25th November
An explosion occurs at this RAF base in Staffordshire; between 3500-4000 tonnes of ordnance exploded, the largest explosion ever on UK soil.27th November
Demonstration models of this post-war accommodation are constructed by the Ministry of Works in Northolt, northwest London.Undated
The 1944 Summer Olympics, originally scheduled to be held in this European city, are not held, for some reason or other...Undated

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