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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1943?

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British forces capture Tripoli, capital of this country, from the Nazis.23rd January
Panic at the sound of anti-aircraft rockets leads to a crush at this London Underground station, killing 183 people, the largest single loss of civilian life in the UK in WWII.3rd March
This Ministry of Information film, detailing the Allied campaign in North Africa against Erwin Rommel's forces, is released. It later wins an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.13th April
This Scottish city suffers its worst wartime bombing.21st April
Testing of this Barnes Wallis-designed explosive device takes place at Reculver, Kent.April/May
This comedian and television presenter, known for being 1/6 of Monty Python, and for his travel documentaries, is born.5th May
The capture of this North African capital ends the North African campaign.7th May
This nickname is given to both the operation and the RAF squadron who carry it out, that targeted German river structures using the aforementioned Barnes Wallis-designed device.16-17th May
This singer and television personality, known for songs such as ''You're My World'', and for presenting shows such as Blind Date, is born.27th May
This ''battle'', named after the Lancashire village in which it happened, in which black American soldiers clash with white military police, occurs. 23rd-24th June
The Allied invasion of this European island begins.9th July
This founder and lead singer of The Rolling Stones is born.26th July
The Allied invasion of Italy, by forces led by this man, begins.3rd September
This Wiltshire village is evacuated to make way for US troop training.16th November
The leaders of the USA, UK and China meet at this African city to discuss methods of defeating Japan.22nd-26th November
Pigeons White Vision, Winkie and Tyke become the first recipients of this award, instituted to honour the work of animals in war.December
Construction of this computer, the world's first totally electronic programmable computing device, in order to assist in cryptoanalysis at Bletchley Park, is completed.December
This broadcaster and journalist, best known for presenting Countdown from its inception for 23 years, becoming the first person to be seen on the new Channel 4, is born. 28th December

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