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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1942?

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This physicist, well known for his theories on black holes and for authoring ''A Brief History of Time'', is born.8th January
Adolf Hitler's half brother Alois' house is among those destroyed in the final night of the Blitz of this northwestern English city.10th January
This radio programme, featuring a guest picking songs, a book and a luxury item in the event of them becoming a castaway, and justifying those choices, is first broadcast.29th January
Ploughman Gordon Butcher discovers these historical artefacts, highly decorated Roman silver tableware, in Suffolk.January
Rationing of this cleaning product is introduced.7th February
This royal figure registers for war service.25th February
The Japanese Navy attacks the capital of this Asian Crown colony.5th April
In retaliation for the British bombing of L├╝beck, this southwestern English city becomes the first victim of the Baedeker Blitz.23rd April
This footballer, who spent most of his career at Manchester United, and whose post-World Cup win celebration has become one of the most famous images in British sport, is born.18th May
This musician, famous as a Beatle, and for later forming Wings, is born.18th June
Military scientists begin testing of this disease as a biological warfare agent on the Scottish island of Gruinard.July
This central London bridge carries its first traffic.11th August
Allied forces conduct a failed raid on this north French port.19th August
The first book by Enid Blyton featuring this group of children is published.11th Setpember
British forces capture Antananarivo, capital of this African island nation.23rd September
A group of Quakers, social activists and Oxford academics found this charity.5th October
General Montgomery leads British and Commonwealth forces into a major attack against German and Italian forces in this battle.23rd October
This Scottish comedian, actor and musician is born.24th November
This document, concerning social insurance and considered a major landmark in the establishment of the welfare state, is published.1st December

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