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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1940?

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This river freezes for the first time since 1888, as a wave of freezing weather hits most of Europe.17th January
This Cunard cruise liner, the largest in the world at the time, sets off from Clydebank to New York on her maiden voyage.3rd March
Rationing of this food group begins.11th March
This island group sees the first civilian casualty of bombing in the UK.16th March
Metal security threads are added to the design of this denomination's notes, to prevent forgeries.29th March
The British occupy this Danish territory to avert a possible German occupation.12th-13th April
Neville Chamberlain resigns as Prime Minister, and is replaced by this man.10th May
The new Prime Minister makes a famous speech to the House of Commons, in which he states, ''I have nothing to offer you but ___, ___, ___ and ___.''13th May
Recruitment begins for this internal defence force, initally named the Local Defence Vounteers.14th May
The evacuation of 300,000 troops from France to England from this location takes place.26th May-4th June
The PM makes a 2nd speech, in which he states, ''...we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___, we shall fight on the landing grounds...''4th June
This country declares war on France and the United Kingdom.10th June
This ship, whilst serving as a troopship, is sunk by the Luftwaffe whilst evacuating British troops and from Saint-Nazaire. 4000 die, the single largest UK loss in any WWII event17th June
The Prime Minister makes a 3rd speech, stating, ''...that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.''18th June
'This BBC radio programme, consisting of continuous live popular music and aimed at factory workers to help them become more productive, begins broadcasting.23rd June
German forces land in this Channel Island, marking the start of a 5-year occupation30th June
This aerial battle begins.9th July
Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, is installed as Governor of this Caribbean nation.18th August
The PM pays tribute to the RAF fighter crews, ''Never in the field of conflict was ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.''20th August
This German bombing campaign on London begins.7th September
The Battle of Graveney Marsh, the last action involving a foreign invading force to take place on mainland Great Britain, occurs in this county.27th September
The centre of this Midlands city is destroyed by 500 Luftwaffe bombers; 60,000 of the city's 70,000 buildings are levelled and 568 people are killed.14th November

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