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Can you name the notable people, places and events of the United Kingdom in 1939?

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An all-time record crowd for a UK association football match (118,730) watch these two Scottish teams in the Old Firm derby.2nd January
The IRA bombs two stations on this transport network.3rd February
The first of these air-raid shelters is built in London.25th February
Britain pledges support to this European country in the event of an invasion.31st March
This broadcaster, who rose to prominence as the presenter of That Was the Week That Was, and is also well known for his interviews with Richard Nixon in 1977, is born.7th April
Military Training Act introduces this compulsory military service.27th April
George VI and Queen Elizabeth arrive in this Canadian city to begin the first ever visit to Canada by a reigning British sovereign.17th May
The army of this country blockades British trading settlements in the north China port of Tientsin.14th June-20th August
An IRA bomb explodes in this Midlands city.25th August
This DJ and radio presenter, well known for his eclectic music taste, and his eponymous Sessions, showcasing many musicians that would later find fame, is born.30th August
Most paintings are evacuated from this London gallery to Wales.late August
This war starts, as the United Kingdom declares war on Nazi Germany after the German invasion of Poland.3rd September
The RAF conducts its first (failed) bombing of this German port.4th September
Fascist politician William Joyce begins broadcasting Nazi propaganda under this assumed name.18th September
Rationing of this fuel begins.24th September
RAF Fighter Command shoots down its first enemy aircraft, a Junkers Ju 88 brought down by Spitfires following an attack on this eastern Scottish dockyard.16th October
'First bomb lands in the UK, at Hoy in this island group.17th October
This actor and comedian, notable for being one of the six Pythons, as well as for films such as A Fish Called Wanda and two James Bond films, is born.27th October
This Richard Llewellyn novel, about the story of a Welsh mining family told through the eyes of the youngest son, is published.'Undated

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